Academic Catalog 2020-2021

Registration and Academic Policies

In order to attend any course at Pratt Institute, a student must:

  1. Be formally approved for admission.
    • Matriculated students will receive an acceptance letter/email that includes a oneKey (username) and ID number (initial password). It may also include additional requisites required for admission to a program.
    • All final and official college and high school transcripts (indicating date of graduation) must be submitted to the Institute prior to enrollment.
    • Non-matriculated students will be provided this information once they submit a nonmatriculated student application in the Registrar’s Office. They do not have to follow steps two and three.
  2. Meet with an academic adviser and have a program of courses approved by that adviser on Academic Tools—the portion of that allows students to register for classes, add or drop sections, view their grades, and review their degree audit. Your academic adviser and your appointment dates for advisement and registration are listed on your degree audit. Students should contact their adviser for assistance.
  3. Register for the approved courses online during the designated registration period. A student’s registration date is displayed under the student’s name when he or she logs in to Online registration is done on Academic Tools.
  4. Pay tuition and fees to the Student Financial Services Office. Students—and persons approved by that student via the Parent Module—can view the bill on See the Tuition and Fees section of this bulletin for more information.

Students are fully responsible for tuition and fees after they complete Steps 1 through 3 above. If students do not complete Step 4 before the first day of class, their unpaid registrations may be canceled according to the payment schedule. Responsibility for a correct registration and a correct academic record rests entirely with the student. Students are responsible for knowing regulations regarding withdrawals, refund deadlines, program changes, and academic policies.

Instructors will not admit students to classes in which they are not official­ly registered. Proof of official registration may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar or through myPratt. Any stu­dent who attends a class without valid registration (i.e., he or she is not on the official class roster) will not have credits or a grade recorded for that course.

Identification Cards and Services

As part of orientation, new students are issued identifi­cation cards. Students must present their PrattCard to receive services and privileges, gain entry into campus buildings, and identify themselves to Institute officers as necessary. People who cannot, or will not, produce a student identification card are not recognized as students and are not entitled to student services. To find out more about the PrattCard, log in at (the PrattCard is on the left side of the dashboard). The PrattCard Office is located in the Activities and Resource Center (ARC), Lower Level, Room A-109.

Pratt Email Accounts and myPratt Access

The portal is Pratt’s interactive student gateway. It provides access to grades, schedules, bills, applications for graduation and transcripts, as well as other academic information.

No additional applications or activations are necessary.

All student user names are automatically assigned by the Information Technology Office. Pratt email and myPratt accounts are assigned to all students at the time of admission. The Admissions Office mails a letter to all deposited students with their Pratt email address and ID number.

Pratt online accounts must be used for all official Institute communication, as an individual’s Pratt email address is the only way to validate the authenticity of the requester. No official requests will be fulfilled from any email address that does not end with a suffix. Likewise, all official Institute communications sent electronically are emailed to this address. Some notices
are only sent electronically. Students are responsible for the information sent to their Pratt email.

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