Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Graduation and Degrees

Degrees are conferred by the Institute upon the recom­mendation of the dean and faculty of the various schools. This is done three times a year: October 1 (summer term), February 1 (fall term), and June 1 (spring term).

Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for a degree, the student must satisfy all Institute, school, and department requirements as stated in the student’s degree audit. Where applicable, students must also meet specific academic require­ments concerning prerequisites, course sequences, or program options as posted by academic departments.

Final graduation requirements include the following:

  1. Grade Requirements
    Undergraduate students must be in good standing, with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. In courses constituting the student’s major as formally specified in advance by his or her departmental chair, the student must have received a grade of C or higher in each or have a cumulative GPA in these courses of at least 2.0. Any outstanding INC, NG, or NR grades from any previous semester(s) that are pending resolution must be resolved.
    Failure to do so will result in removal from the graduation list. When final grades are reported for the last term of active registration, any reported INC or NR grade for a graduation candidate will automatically remove the candidate from the graduation list.
    Students who have been removed from consideration must complete a new application for graduation in order to be considered for another graduation date.

  2. Curriculum Requirements
    Each student must fulfill all require­ments for grad­uation. No credits required for graduation will be waived. All requests for an exception to this rule must be referred to the dean’s office for consideration. A course require­ment in a student’s major may be substituted by the department chair/adviser of the department in which the student is enrolled; however, another course in the same subject area must be taken.

  3. Every undergraduate must complete at least 50 percent of the credits required for graduation—including final 30 credits—at Pratt. Credits earned through approved study abroad programs will be considered to be earned in residence. To be considered for graduation honors, a student must have completed a minimum of 50 percent of the credits required to complete the degree at Pratt.

Requirements For A Second Pratt Baccalaureate Degree

Candidates for a second baccalaureate degree must first be accepted by the Office of Admissions for degree matriculation in an area essentially different in content from that of the first degree. The following conditions are applicable when the first baccalaureate degree was granted by:

Pratt Institute

Persons holding a baccalaureate degree from Pratt Institute and who are matriculated for a second bacca­laureate degree from the Institute will be evaluated according to the major background to determine their remaining program and credit requirements. Of these, a minimum of 32 additional credits in residence for a four-year program of study, or a minimum of 48 additional credits of residence in a five-year program of study must be taken within the new program.

Accredited Institution other than Pratt Institute

Persons holding a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution other than Pratt Institute will be evaluated according to the type of baccalaureate and the major background in order to determine their remaining program and credit requirements, of which a minimum of 48 credits must be taken in residency at Pratt.

Application for Graduation

Students wishing to be considered for graduation must file a Graduation Application. The application is available to the students in Student Planning. Applications must be filed on or before the following deadlines:

Graduation File on or Before
Summer Term/October March 25
Fall Term/February August 25
Spring Term/May December 15

Using the application, candidates indicate:

  1. their anticipated graduation term
  2. the exact spelling and punctuation of their name as it is to appear on the diploma
  3. their hometown and state/country as it is to appear in the commencement program 
  4. the Diploma Mailing Address to be used to mail diplomas

Information can be updated before the application deadline by simply filling out and submitting the graduation application again. If the candidate is not cleared for the announced graduation, a new application must be filed for each subsequently requested graduation. Only after the application has been submitted to the Office of the Registrar will the candidate’s name be placed on a tenta­tive graduation list. At that time, the graduation review is scheduled.

Diploma Clearance

Students who have completed their academic require­ments but who have outstanding financial obligations to the Institute will be graduated; however, the diploma will be held and no transcript will be released until their financial account is cleared in full.


Graduation With Honors

For all associate and baccalaureate degrees to be grad­uated with honors, a student must have earned a final cumulative GPA no lower than 3.5 in all work. A minimum final cumulative GPA of 3.75 is required for graduation with highest honors. To be considered for honors, a student must have completed a minimum of 50 percent of degree credits at Pratt. These credits must be earned in semesters evaluated with a GPA.

Candidates completing degree requirements and receiving honors in May are so designated in the Commencement program on work completed through the most recent full semester. Final honors designations will be indicated on the official diploma and academic record, reflecting all grades included in the degree.


One commencement ceremony is held each year at the end of the spring semester. Students who successfully complete their studies in October or February are invited to attend the ceremony that is held following their graduation. Students who anticipate a summer/October completion date should attend the ceremony that is held the May following their graduation. Students who will graduate in summer/October and cannot attend Com­mence­ment the following spring may apply for Permission to Walk in May Commencement in the Registrar’s Office. Their names will not appear in the Commencement program, nor will they receive their diplomas early. Attend­ance at Commencement does not guarantee graduation from the Institute.