Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Management (MGMT)

MGMT-201  Fundamentals Of Accounting  - (3 Credits)  

This course covers basic accounting principles and practices.

MGMT-205  Small Business Basics  - (3 Credits)  

Students explore various aspects of opening up one's own business or engaging in entrepreneurial activity, whether service- or product-oriented. Drawing upon the fields of economics, sociology and psychology, the class helps students understand the dynamics of small business and situate them in society. Specific subjects covered include site location, partnerships, agreements, insurance, financial statements, accounting systems, leases, franchising, promotion and business management systems.

MGMT-303  Business Law  - (3 Credits)  

Covers legal fundamentals, rights and remedies in business transactions, contracts and sales, business organizations, negotiable instruments and security devices, and government regulations and licenses.

MGMT-307  Management  - (3 Credits)  

Presents the concepts and principles of management, as they relate to institutional and business organizations. The study of planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating, directing, controlling and innovating as they apply to the management process is also covered.

MGMT-308  Marketing  - (3 Credits)  

Basic elements of marketing are studied as they relate to sales, advertising, financing and pricing, promotion, product planning and other areas of the marketing mix.

MGMT-309  Financial Management  - (3 Credits)  

This course is an analysis of the financial aspects and problems related to operations of business, industry, and institutions. It includes a discussion of primary and secondary sources and funds, budget preparation and supervision and finance as a tool of management control.

MGMT-325  Managerial Economics  - (3 Credits)  

This course provides an introduction to basic concepts in Managerial Economics such as the relationship of economics to management, the meaning and measurement of performance, and competitive advantage. Broader firm decisions such as capital allocations, the impact of regulation and its role within the international economy will also be addressed.