Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Cultural History (CH)

CH-300  World Civilizations I  - (3 Credits)  

This survey of human history from ancient times to the French Revolution explores the variety of civilizations which have evolved, with the aim of promoting understanding of the historical forces - intellectual, political and social - that have shaped the course of world history.

CH-400  World Civilizations II  - (3 Credits)  

A continuation of the core sequence, this course brings the exploration of human history into the present era.

CH-442  Romanticism To Existentialism  - (3 Credits)  

An examination through literary and philosophical sources of the two intellectual movements that have shaped the culture of the modern world. Rousseau, Locke, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Kafka, Sartre and Camus are among the authors whose works are considered.

CH-450  Special Studies  - (1 Credit)  

A special study in any cultural history area under the guidance of an instructor. It is designed for students participating in Pratt programs abroad and for those engaging in independent study.