Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Associate - Design (ASDG)

ASDG-101  Photography  - (3 Credits)  

This course provides a basic overview of different aspects of lighting and digital photography. Photography is addressed in fine art, commercial illustration and design. Students learn to operate a consumer level digital camera and use imaging software. Printing techniques are also addressed. Assignments are geared toward understanding the technical and aesthetic issues that contribute to a successful digital photograph.

ASDG-109  Typography I  - (3 Credits)  

This course is an introduction to the study of both letterform and type as important elements of design, focusing on the relationship between typography and space as a powerful tool for the communication of ideas. Studying the letterforms themselves will allow students to recognize the important aspects of body and display text in order to employ type appropriately. Students will study the illustrative and communicative nature of letterform.

ASDG-206  Painting II  - (3 Credits)  

This course will continue to develop the student's ability to use oil paint to represent objects and the human figure in an environment. Students will use their conceptual understanding of the color wheel as a guide to mix oil colors effectively on their palette. They will use the 4 properties of color (hue, value, intensity and temperature) to help them create the illusion of space.

ASDG-207  Drawing III  - (3 Credits)  

This advanced drawing class encourages the development of personal styles and individual points of view. Advanced theories of drawing shall be discussed and incorporated into projects that allow the student to explore a variety of mixed media. Serious emphasis shall be devoted to the analysis and appreciation of master drawings.

ASDG-211  Typography II  - (3 Credits)  

This intermediate course is a continuation of ASDG 109. Typography I. This course closely examines the letterform as an image and as an element that, coupled with the design tools of scale, color, and layout, can tell a visual story.

ASDG-212  Typography III  - (3 Credits)  

This advanced course is continuation of Typography II. Focusing on the refinement of the skills students developed from Typography I-II, students will exercise their understanding of letterforms and begin to apply effective solutions to more complex typographic systems.

ASDG-225  Painting III  - (3 Credits)  

This advanced course is a continuation of Painting I & II and allows students to paint in a variety of media, which will include both oil and water based paints, and students will be working from still life, life models, landscape, and imagination.