Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Admission Requirements for Transfer Students

While Pratt has very limited space for transfer students, we accept transfer applications for our programs with a deadline of February 15 for the Fall semester and October 1 for the Spring semester. The online application, as well as various requirements, may be found at our Apply page. Writing and visual portfolios must be uploaded to Submit all documents and portfolio online or postmarked no later than the application deadline. See Apply for instructions on submitting your application and supporting documents.


  1. Transfer application form with fee (online)
  2. Official transcripts from each high school attended or official GED scores
  3. Unofficial transcripts from each college attended
  4. Test Score (*optional)
  5. Optional letters of recommendation
  6. Pratt Essay
  7. English proficiency scores
  8. Visual or Writing Portfolio (Not required for Construction Management)

All mailed materials must be sent to:

Pratt Institute
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11205

Detailed information on the requirements follows.


All transfer applicants to undergraduate degree programs must complete the Pratt application with the nonrefundable application fee ($50 for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, $90 for international applicants). Applications must be completed online at Apply.

Fees may be paid by credit card or electronic check.

In cases of extreme financial hardship, applicants may request a fee waiver. The fee waiver may be found at Apply page.


Transfer applicants are required to submit high school transcript(s). Note: A high school transcript is not required of students who have attended at least four semesters of college full-time or have earned at least 48 credits by the semester for which they are applying. Upload to the online application or ask your high school to send it electronically or by mail.


Transfer applicants must submit unofficial transcripts from each college attended by scanning and uploading your documents to the online application. If you are accepted and choose to enroll at Pratt, you will be required to submit your final official transcripts as soon as your semester is complete and grades are available.

International applicants must submit unofficial transcripts (academic records) of all secondary school studies as well as any postsecondary studies. Applicants also must submit official results of all external examinations. These include General Certificate of Education, Hong Kong School Certificate of Education, Israeli matriculation or Bagrut, Secondary School Certificates, and Baccalaureate Part I and Part II. Transcripts must be translated into English.

Credential Evaluations for International Degrees
Transfer students who have studied outside the US are required to submit a credential evaluation of their transcripts by a NACES member. Options for evaluation services include Span Tran for Pratt, WESECE, IEE, Global Credential Evaluators, or another acceptable service, ie: your embassy. Credential evaluations do not typically include translations, so documents must first be officially translated into English by a certified translation service. Pratt asks for a course-by-course evaluation.


If you are accepted and decide to enroll at Pratt, you may (if you attended college in the US) request your transcript from the National Student Clearinghouse or from your college.

Pratt is test-optional for transfer students (US citizens and permanent residents only); we do not require the SAT or ACT tests. Applicants who do not submit test scores will not be at a disadvantage in the admissions process. International students and those for whom English is a second language must  submit proof of English proficiency. They may choose to submit one of our accepted English proficiency exams (see #7 below), or may submit either the SAT or ACT instead. To ensure we may receive scores by our posted deadlines, students should take the tests as early as possible but no later than one month before the application deadline. Please be sure to have your scores sent to directly to Pratt.

SAT code is 2669
CLEP code is 2669
AP code is 2669
ACT code is 2862
TOEFL code is 2669


Two letters of recommendation are required; one from a teacher, and the other from a teacher, counselor, or employer with the ability to assess your preparedness for undergraduate study. Letters should be submitted through the Pratt application. Letters should be submitted through the Pratt application for transfer applicants. See details at

 6. ESSAY      

All Programs (Except Construction Management)
Write about a piece of work (visual art, musical performance, piece of writing, architecture, or design) that has influenced you and describe the impact it has had on your perspective OR write about a piece of your own work and the impact that creating it has had on you. The essay should be 250-500 words or two pages maximum. Make sure your essay is complete before uploading because you will not be able to make changes after you submit your application.

Construction Management Only
Write about a construction project (building, home, stadium, structure, resort, or environment) or a piece of art or design that has inspired you and describe the impact it has had on your decision to study Construction Management. The essay should be 250-500 words or two pages maximum. Make sure your essay is complete before uploading because you will not be able to make changes after you submit your application.


  All international applicants and students for whom English is a second language must submit one of the following accepted exams:

  • TOEFL and TOEFL Home Edition (minimum 92 for 4-year programs or 71 for 2-year programs)
  • TOEFL ITP Plus (minimum 600 for 4-year programs or 527 for 2-year programs)
  • PTE (62 for 4-year programs or 48 for 2-year programs)
  • IELTS or IELTS Indicator (6.5 for 4-year programs or 6.0 for 2-year programs)
  • SAT or ACT (no minimum)

Please have official scores sent by the testing company. Pratt accepts the TOEFL My Best Score and super scores SAT and ACT tests. Scores must  be received by our deadlines.
English Proficiency Waivers: International applicants whose first language is English, who have earned a four-year Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the US may waive the test requirement, or who have studied the   most recent four years in a high school, college and or university  in the U.S. or another nation where English is the official language. Waiving this requirement is up to the discretion of the admissions office.
Note that Pratt does NOT waive the test requirement for students who have attended an English-speaking school in a non-English speaking country unless the school is US accredited (e.g. American schools).

Students who have taken any English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, regardless of the duration, must still submit a test score.  If you hope to waive your score requirement, please email

Although we may waive the test score to apply, this does not necessarily waive the Pratt English placement exam requirement, which may still be administered if you enroll at Pratt. Depending on the results of your exam, you may be required to take additional courses in the Intensive English Program. Questions may be directed to    

The transfer portfolio requirements are the same as the first-year high school [1] portfolio requirements if you have not taken studio courses in your previous college or if you have not taken our undergraduate first-year courses and will enter as a first-year student. Transfer applicants who have taken art courses should include examples of work that reflect all studio experiences at their previous college in order to be reviewed for credit. No more than 45 images may be submitted.


Applicants who have not taken architecture design studio courses in their previous postsecondary school should submit a portfolio according to the first-year high school requirements and will automatically be placed into the first year of design. Transfer applicants who have taken architecture design courses should include examples of work that reflect all design projects at their previous school. The number of images in the architecture portfolio will reflect the number of projects completed.


Applicants are required to upload a writing portfolio of recent writing (no more than 10 pages) to SlideRoom at

Writing applicants may submit up to 10 pages of poetry, short stories, and excerpts from novels, articles, and essays. Please submit at least one sample of analytical writing. We encourage you to submit several examples of your writing in different styles. If you submit poetry, you must also submit some prose.

Critical and Visual Studies and BA in History of Art and Design applicants should submit no more than 10 pages of examples of analytical writing. At this time, feedback on writing portfolios is not available through the Admissions Office.


Portfolios should be uploaded using SlideRoom at, following instructions on the site. You will receive immediate confirmation that your work has been received. You may edit images until you hit the “submit” button. There is a charge of $15 for submission. Admissions advisement sessions and reviews at National Portfolio Days or by appointment off campus do not fulfill the applicant’s visual requirement. They are for guidance only. Please submit your work by the deadline (February 1 for fall and October 1 for spring).

Do not send work to the Admissions Office. All work must be submitted on SlideRoom. All submitted materials, including the portfolio, become the property of Pratt Institute. Portfolios in any format will not be returned or held for pickup.


Transfer credit may be granted for coursework that is comparable to Pratt’s coursework and is completed at a school that is regionally accredited or state approval agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education, or the international equivalent.

Credit may be awarded for courses in which

  1. a grade of C or higher is earned from domestic institutions (or 70 or higher from international institutions, as determined by a reputable education evaluation service) and
  2. the course corresponds to the specific course requirements of the applicant’s proposed program of study. Courses with grades lower than C (including C-) or less than 70 are not transferable.

Students seeking transfer credits for studio courses in art, design, or architecture are required to submit a portfolio reflective of their studio coursework completed at their prior college as part of the admission application. Transfer credit shall be granted for courses taken at another institution only when the coursework involved and the level of the transfer applicant’s achievement permit the student to complete the remaining coursework successfully.

All students petitioning for transfer credit(s) must submit official transcript(s) from all colleges attended. Credit evaluations will be completed only after acceptance. AP credit will also be considered. Please request that your official AP scores be sent to Pratt during the summer before you enroll.

Prior to registration, the transfer student receives an estimate by the Office of the Registrar of the credit that can be expected for work done at his or her previous college(s).

Additional supporting documents may be requested by the Office of Admissions (bulletin, course hours, syllabi etc.). The Pratt program is planned with the appropriate art and design academic adviser using the estimate as a guide for the required work to be completed. After all final official transcripts have been received, a complete evaluation of transfer credit will be sent to the student. Transfer credit is not included in the scholastic index. If less than 50 percent of a student’s credits are earned at Pratt, the student will not be considered for honors. Search “Transfer Credit” at for details.


All enrolling international students need to submit international student forms to the Office of International Affairs. International students include both students who need an I-20 for the F-1 student visa and international students in other immigration statuses. (U.S. permanent residents are not considered international students.)


To request the I-20, first submit your enrollment deposit to the Office of Admissions. See instructions for submitting an I-20 request at the OIA page under New Students on the left of the web page. The request and documents are submitted online.

Pratt Institute
Office of International Affairs
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11205


All students for whom English is a second language must meet Pratt Institute’s English requirement. The English exam determines if you meet the Institute’s English requirement or if you will need Intensive English Program (IEP) courses to meet the requirement.

If your TOEFL score is 100 or higher or the equivalent on another accepted test, or if English is your native language, then you will not need to take the exam because you meet the English requirement.


Exam waivers automatically will be given to students who meet the criteria on the Intensive English Program page.

Please note: Language test waivers for the admissions process do not automatically waive the English Placement Exam requirement. Students who have taken the SAT in lieu of the TOEFL for admission are required to take the English Placement Exam unless they meet one of the waiver criteria listed at the IEP website link above. 


Transfer applicants to the Associate Degree Programs at Pratt’s Manhattan Center should use the online application at our Apply page. Please follow the same requirements listed for high school applicants or transfer students to the BFA. The SAT/ACT is not required. Applicants to the BFA programs in Fine Arts or Communications Design who do not meet the qualifications for the BFA may be accepted instead to the associate’s degree.


Admissions decisions are issued as follows for applicants who submitted complete applications. Early action decisions will be made by mid-December. January 5 deadline decisions will be made by April 1. Spring decisions will be made by November 15. Admissions files are not considered complete and will not be reviewed until all required materials have been received.


Accepted students who plan to enroll at Pratt for the fall term are required to make a deposit of $500 by May 1, the official candidate’s reply date. Accepted students for the spring term must submit their deposit by December 1. International students should submit their I-20 request forms as soon as possible after the deposit deadline. The full amount of the nonrefundable deposit is credited to the student’s first semester tuition. Housing application deposits are also due on the above mentioned dates. Deposits should be made at


Domestic applicants who intend to file for financial aid for fall 2023 will be able to access the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on October 1, 2022, and can use their 2022 income tax statements. The FAFSA should be submitted electronically. See all instructions at Financial Aid. If you wish to have the IRS populate your FAFSA in seconds, click on the button asking for permission. This greatly expedites the completion of this form. You should submit the FAFSA before February 1 for fall enrollment and by October 1 for spring enrollment. Please make sure that the email address you gave Pratt’s Office of Admissions is the email address you use.

  • FAFSA code is 002798
  • Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) school code for New York State residents: 0615—undergraduate


Baccalaureate degree candidates seeking readmission should submit an Application for Readmission (available in the Office of the Registrar or at the Returning Students Requirements Page) to the Office of the Registrar. The Application for Readmission should be accompanied by a brief statement outlining the student’s reasons for wishing to return to Pratt and official transcripts from other schools attended after leaving Pratt. Deadline dates for filing applications for readmission are June 1 for the fall term and December 1 for the spring term. Any student who did not file for an approved leave of absence and who, during the preceding term, either was not registered at Pratt or did not complete the term is required to apply for readmission. Requests from students who left the Insti tute while not in good standing may be reviewed by  the Committee on Academic Standing of the school to which readmission is sought. Notification of final action and registration instructions are sent to the student by the Office of the Registrar.

Every student, once matriculated as a freshman or a transfer student, is expected to complete his or her degree requirements at Pratt both in professional areas and in liberal arts and sciences. Credit earned at other accredited institutions by readmitted students who were previously matriculated will be evaluated for transfer to the Pratt record by the Office of the Registrar. Readmitted students are expected to meet the degree requirements that are in effect at the time of readmission.[1] 


Students who wish to transfer from one school to another within the Institute should complete a Change of School Transfer Application at Students must meet the admissions criteria for the program to which they are applying. A limit of one transfer between schools will be considered. Students requesting a second transfer will be required to obtain additional approval from the deans of both schools.


Nonmatriculated or special students are not candidates for a degree from Pratt Institute. They may take no more than 6 credits per semester and may register only if space is available in a class after matriculated students have registered. Acceptance as a nonmatriculated or special student is based on the applicant’s background and ability to successfully complete the coursework. No more than 18 credits may be accumulated by a nonmatriculated student. International students holding a student visa must meet with the international student adviser before submitting an application. Additional information is available from the Office of Admissions. A nonmatriculated/special student who plans to apply for admission as a matriculated student should meet with the chair of the program to which they wish to apply. A nondegree form is available at our Non-Degree and Visiting Applicants page.


PrattMWP College of Art and Design (Extension Center), Munson-Williams-Proctor, is located in upstate New York. To apply, visit for a description of requirements, or check off PrattMWP on Pratt’s application. Students take the first two years *(all studio courses must be completed) and a total of 54 credits at PrattMWP in Utica and finish the remaining two years in Brooklyn. PrattMWP offers Fine Arts, Photography, Art Education (teacher certification), and Communications Design. Students may apply to both Pratt in Brooklyn and PrattMWP in Utica on the Pratt application at the same time. Note that students are not permitted to relocate to the Brooklyn campus early. Students must complete the full curriculum at PrattMWP before relocating to Brooklyn to finish their degree.


Pratt is committed to fostering the artistic and intellectual creativity of our community. The products of our creativity are both the physical property we create—paintings, designs, and manuscripts—as well as the intellectual ideas these works represent. The latter is called intellectual property. Pratt’s Intellectual Property Policy applies to all of our community members and is intended to respect the value of creators, whether students, faculty, or staff. It also provides for sharing our creative products to further the knowledge and academic growth of our collective community. Knowledge of intellectual property rights is an important responsibility of all members of our community and an important part of the intellectual life of every creative professional. Pratt’s complete Intellectual Property Policy can be found on the web at our Provost Policies Processes and Forms page.[2] 


Amanda Diaz

Pratt Institute is committed to providing access to higher education for all capable students. Pratt tries to ensure that no student is prevented from completing his or her degree due to a lack of funds. The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) provides an opportunity to offer admission and support to talented New York students who have not reached their full academic potential due to barriers in their educational, economic, or personal background. Applicants must be New York State residents who meet New York State’s Arthur O. Eve HEOP income guidelines.

The Arthur O. Eve HEOP students are Pratt students. They attend the same classes, live in the same residence halls, participate in the same extracurricular activities, have access to the same resources, and pursue the same careers as other Pratt students. The Arthur O. Eve HEOP provides additional supportive services designed to assist students with academic, financial, social, and personal matters. This includes tutoring, counseling, and financial aid for students throughout their college careers.

The ultimate goal of the program is to make higher education possible for students who are inadmissible under regular admissions guidelines, but who have the potential and motivation for academic success.

Applicants who feel that they may be eligible for the Arthur O. Eve HEOP should contact the Office of Admissions for further information and check off the Arthur O. Eve HEOP on the admissions application. The Arthur O. Eve HEOP office is located on the first floor of the Information Science Center (ISC), Room 104, and is open Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. Summer hours are 9 AM to 4 PM. The telephone number is 718.636.3524. Check the HEOP page for instructions on applying to the program and submitting
your financial information.[3]