Academic Catalog 2020-2021

Academic Degrees Overview

School of Architecture

Programs Degree Code
Architecture B Arch 0202
Construction Management BPS 0201
Construction Management BS 0201
Building and Construction AAS 5317

School of Art

Programs Degree Code
Game Design and Interactive Media AOS 5012
Graphic Design AOS 5012
Graphic Design/Illustration AAS 5012
Illustration AOS 5012
Painting/Drawing AAS 5610
Art and Design Education BFA 0831
Digital Arts BFA 1009
Film BFA 1010
Fine Arts BFA 1001
Photography BFA 1011

School of Design

Programs Degree Code
Communications Design BFA 0601
Fashion Design BFA 1009
Industrial Design BID 1009
Interior Design BFA 0201

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Programs Degree Code
Critical and Visual Studies BA 4903
History of Art and Design BA 1003
History of Art and Design BFA 1003
Writing BFA 1599

Combined Degree Programs

Programs Degree Code
Art and Design Education BFA/MA 0831