Academic Catalog 2020-2021

Career and Professional Development

Virtual Services

While the CCPD has always offered remote advising, during COVID-19 we have developed new programming and initiatives to continue to support our community:

  • Virtual Advising: All appointments can be booked through Pratt Pro and will be held in a virtual space. 

  • Talk Now: Talk Now is a summer series designed to make space for the 2020 graduating class to connect with professionals and have conversations that are mutually beneficial, enlightening, and memorable. Recent graduates will be invited to these sessions throughout the summer via PrattPro/Handshake.

  • Summer and Fall 2020 programming: All CCPD programming will be moved online. We will continue many of our regular programs such as the Ignition and be introducing new programs such as Back to the Future: Graduating in a Recession. Check Pratt Pro for upcoming events.

Navigating a job search can be difficult during this time, so we have compiled a page of FAQs and resources ( 

The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) believes that preparing for a fulfilling, meaningful, and productive life and career is one of the most important services we provide for Pratt students and alumni. We inspire, support, and educate students and alumni providing a holistic approach to career development.

CCPD staff stay abreast of changing trends and employer needs, maintain relationships with employers and internship providers nationally and internationally, and offer curated career fairs and networking events, portfolio reviews, and site visits so employers can recruit from the talented Pratt community year round.

CCPD advisers work with students on résumés, cover letters, portfolio reviews, mock interviews, and basic and advanced personal and professional develop­ment action plans. We guide students through their internship and job search, implementation of freelance and studio practices, and entrepreneurial and small business planning. Extended support is offered in the areas of Fulbright grants, exhibition submissions, fellowships, and residencies.

The CCPD provides:

  • Professional Development Programming
    Industry speakers and recruiters come to campus every semester. We offer workshops, panels, lectures, opportunity fairs, and networking events where students can meet alumni and industry professionals, and gain tools to create a life and career plan. Guest speakers cover topics that relate to careers in creative industries, review portfolios, and hold interview sessions and discussions on topics such as big data and high-value innovation.

  • Individual and Group Career Advising
    Individual career advising is available in person or online to Pratt students and alumni for life. Individual and group advising sessions and workshops are scheduled throughout the year.

  • Entrepreneurship + Innovation: The Ignition Lab
    The CCPD delivers resources for students and alumni who want to become successful entrepreneurs through the Ignition Lab program, which consists of 5 sessions over a 7-month period, live streaming of industry innovator speakers, and culminates in a pitch competition. 

  • Industry Outreach and Pratt Pro Job Board
    The CCPD manages the Pratt Pro job board, on which thousands of new positions are posted each year. We perform outreach to employers around the world, developing a pipeline to help move Pratt students and alumni into their job openings. We visit studios and organize firm trips for students so that they can learn about the latest industry trends. Pratt Institute hosts numerous portfolio reviews and thesis exhibitions of current and graduating students’ work, including multiple end-of-year events highlighting the best work of the graduating class. Each year, the CCPD hosts opportunity fairs, roundtable discussions, and creative-career conferences with visiting partners, recruiters, and industry leaders. All of our programs are developed to educate students and alumni as well as provide networking opportunities with the creative professional community.

  • Online Resources and Online Portfolio
    The CCPD professional staff have developed online resource lists for all majors located at Events and links to social media are located here. CCPD staff help students curate their portfolios and develop their online presence. Pratt Institute and the CCPD partnered with Behance to launch “Pratt Institute Portfolios” at Students can promote their work under the Pratt brand with the Behance platform. “Pratt Institute Portfolios” reaches a wide audience of industry professionals on the lookout for the best creative talent.

The staff of the CCPD welcomes your questions. To make an appointment or to find out how the CCPD can help you, contact or call 718.636.3506.

Pratt Institute Internship Program

Internships are learning experiences in the workplace that relate to students’ majors or professional pursuits. Interns are able to take the skills and theories learned in the class­room and apply them to real-life work experience.

Graduate internships play a crucial role in developing skills and offering professional perspectives. An internship at Pratt is an academic opportunity available to full-time matriculated students every semester, including summer semester. For more information about internships, students should speak to their department chair. You may also visit

Some key components of a Pratt Internship:

  • The experience is a full semester.

  • The experience can be paid or unpaid.

  • Internships are available to all domestic, international, and transfer students during their time at Pratt.

  • Internship credits vary from 0 to 3 credits based on individual departmental policy.

Students are required to watch the required Internship Orientation video before you register for an internship course. The video will inform you about the internship program, how to begin an internship search, and how to find departmental eligibility information.

Following the completion of the video, look through the Academic Internship Guide to clarify any questions and subsequently complete either the international student or domestic student internship quiz.

To make an appointment or to learn more about internships, contact or call 718.636.3506.

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Rhonda Schaller

Associate Directors
Carl Fengler

Hera Marashian

Deborah Yanagisawa

Assistant Director
Mackenzie Adriance

Assessment and Information Systems Manager
Vanessa Chew

Career Development and Industry Specialist
Alex Fisher

Special Development Specialist
Sam Harvey

Tel: 718.636.3506