Academic Catalog 2020-2021

Changes and Withdrawals

Program/Major Changes

Each student must follow the program and major for which she or he has been admitted to Pratt. The Institute will not recognize a change of major as official unless the change is processed with the appropriate approvals and recorded in the student information system. A student who wants to change his or her major must first meet with the depart­ment chair and then notify Graduate Admissions. Course requirements for the new major reflect the current catalog year. Hence, a change in major may result in more credits being required to graduate. It may also have an effect on the number of transfer credits allowed.

Course/Section Changes

The Institute recognizes no change of course(s) or section(s) as official unless the change is processed online through Academic Tools or is communicated with the Office of the Registrar. Courses and course sections may be changed online during the first two weeks of each semester. Once this add period is over, no courses may be added to the student’s schedule. Students paying by the credit who drop a course on or after the first day of the term will be charged a percentage of the course fee.  Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the appropriate dates.

It is the responsibility of the student to officially with­draw from any registered course or section. This decision must be completed online through Academic Tools or by communicating with the Office of the Registrar. Failure to attend classes, to notify the instructor, or to make or complete tuition payment does not constitute an official withdrawal. A student who does not officially withdraw from a registered course will receive a WF for nonattendance. Students who stop attending a course without having officially dropped the course during the published refund period will not be eligible for a retroactive refund.

Students may withdraw from a course during the first 11 weeks of the fall or spring semesters. A class that is dropped from a student’s schedule after the second week of the semester will remain on the student’s academic record with the noncredited designation of WD (withdrawal). No course withdrawal will be accepted after the published deadline. WD grades earned via the official withdrawal procedure cannot be changed.

Complete Withdrawal from the Institute

Students who are leaving Pratt without graduating are required to fill out a Permanent Withdrawal form. This form permits the Registrar to drop or withdraw a student from all registered classes. The form also serves to advise relevant offices that a student is no longer enrolled. Students who withdraw need to be advised about any financial obligations and any academic repercussions of their actions.

The Permanent Withdrawal form is available online at The date that the form is received to the Registrar’s Office is the official date used for withdrawal. This date determines eligibility for WD grades and a student’s charges for the term of withdrawal. Only the submission of a Permanent Withdrawal form will deactivate your status as a currently enrolled student. Until that time, registration and billing stay in effect and grades of WF will be issued for class absences.

None of the following actions causes an official withdrawal or reduces financial liability for a semester:

  • Notifying a faculty member, department chair, or academic adviser that you wish to withdraw.
  • Failing to pay the student account
  • Failing to attend classes

Students who are not enrolled during either the fall or the spring semester and have not completed a Permanent Withdrawal or Leave of Absence form will be officially withdrawn from the Institute and will need to apply for readmission.

Leave of Absence

A student in good academic and financial standing may request a leave of absence for not more than two consecu­tive semesters (excluding summer sessions). The Leave of Absence form is available online at

  • Students must apply for a leave of absence on or before the last day to withdraw from classes for any given semester.
  • Only students in good academic and financial standing will be approved.
  • A leave of absence will not be granted once a student’s thesis is in progress.
  • International students must obtain authorization from the Office of International Affairs.
  • A student who wishes to register after an undocu­mented absence must apply for readmission.
  • Students requesting leave for medical reasons must obtain authorization from Health Services.


Students who do not attend Pratt for a semester or more without receiving an official leave of absence must apply for readmission. Applications for readmission are available at .

Degree requirements are updated to reflect the current catalog when a student is readmitted to a program (rather than the one used in the initial acceptance).

The readmission application deadlines for each semester are below.

Semester Date
Fall August 15
Spring December 15
Summer May 1

Personal Data Changes

All personal data changes must be made in written form only by the student. Students are responsible for reporting the following personal data changes to the Office of the Registrar:

  • Change of name (requires legal documentation)
  • Change of address
  • Change of major

Note: Consult the Office of the Registrar for procedural details on reporting these changes.

Preferred Name

It is the policy of the Institute to provide all members of our community with the opportunity to use a name that is different from their legal name where possible. In some instances, the Institute is obliged to use a person’s legal name and cannot use a chosen or preferred name. Such instances include but are not limited to: employment and payroll records, health insurance records, billing records, financial aid documents, reimbursements, travel and purchasing authorizations, official transcripts, etc.

Preferred/Chosen names are limited to alphabetical characters, a hyphen (-), and a space. Only one chosen name may be in effect at a time. You may always revert back to using your legal name instead of using a preferred/chosen name.

The Institute reserves the right to remove a preferred/chosen name if it is used inappropriately, including but not limited to: names used for the purpose of misrep­resentation, names that are disruptive, or names used to attempt to avoid a legal obligation.

Setting a preferred/chosen name will not change a person’s legal name in Institute-related systems.

Parent Module

Students can authorize parents, guardians, or sponsors to view current schedules, grades, degree progress, and/or access the tuition bill to see the current balance and make payments. Students manage (grant or rescind) these permissions through their Academic Tools. Parents and sponsors can then access the system and log in at To access the module:

  1. Log in with your oneKey at;
  2. Click on “Academic Tools” on the left side of the page, and click “log in”;
  3. After the system logs you in, click on the “Students” menu on the sidebar;
  4. Through “Grant Parent/Sponsor Rights” (listed under “My Personal Information”), students decide which information they allow each account to see or rescind previously given access. Students can request to add people not listed on this screen by returning to the Students menu and clicking “Request New Parent/Sponsor” (under “My Personal Information”). If a person is missing an email address or other important information, a request to update their account can be made through the same process.

Transcript General Policies

  • The Registrar’s Office must have the student’s written request or authorization to issue a transcript. Parents cannot authorize the Registrar’s Office to mail a transcript.
  • Official transcripts bear the Institute’s seal and Registrar’s signature.
  • Partial transcripts are not issued. A transcript is a complete record of all work completed at Pratt.
  • Allow five (5) business days after receipt of the transcript request for the transcript to be mailed. At certain peak times, such as registration and Commencement, the processing time may be longer.
  • Transcripts are not released until a student’s account has been paid in full.
  • Copies of transcripts from other schools that were attended must be requested directly from those schools. The Registrar’s Office cannot release or copy transcripts in a student’s file.