Academic Catalog 2022-2023


Restricted Grants and Scholarships

There are no special application forms for restricted and endowed scholarships. Recipients are selected by deans or department chairs based on criteria established by the donors. These awards are generally made to continuing students in the spring semester for one year only, and are based on the availability of funds in any given year.

Notification of scholarship and fellowship availability will be made by individual departments in the spring of each year.

International Student Scholarships

The International Student Scholarship for the academic year 2022–23 will be available to those students who have en­count­ered financial hardship. Students must demonstrate an unfore­seen economic need. A Financial Aid Committee will determine the eligibility of the applicant. The scholarship funds are very limited. Since the award is based only on unforeseen economic need, there is no application deadline. The scholar­ship, if awarded, is to be used for tuition and fees only.

You must follow these guidelines:

  1. You must be in good academic standing and must submit the latest copy of your transcript.
  2. You must have been enrolled at Pratt for at least one academic year.
  3. You must have clearance from Student Financial Services. Those who have any outstanding debts with Student Financial Services will not be considered.
  4. You must submit copies of bank statements for the past six months; telephone, utility, and rent bills; and a budget for the academic year.
  5. If you are sponsored, you must submit proof of your sponsor’s inability to continue with the financial commitment.
  6. You must submit a statement outlining your academic goals at Pratt, what contributions you have made as an international student to the campus life, and why you need the scholarship.
  7. You must submit a letter of recommendation.
  8. If you are receiving Pratt’s financial assistance, your travels will be restricted.

The above-listed documents must be submitted as proof of unforeseen economic need to the Office of International Affairs, attention: Saundra Hampton, Acting Director of International Student Affairs.