Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Grant and Scholarship Programs

Graduate Scholarships

What is the Purpose of the Program?

To provide funds to full-time students based on merit. These are awarded by academic departments; all incoming students are considered. There is no application form. They are renewable with a 3.0 cumulative GPA as specified by your department. All scholarship recipients must be full-time (a minimum of 9 credits per semester).

Pratt Restricted Awards and Scholarships

What is the Purpose of the Program?

To provide funds derived from Institute endowments and restricted gifts that are granted to students according to the wishes of the donor and on the recommendation of the appropriate dean or department chair.

How Much are the Awards?

The awards range from $1,000 and up for the academic year, for one year only.

Who Can Receive This Money?

Full-time students who have applied for aid, have demonstrated financial need, and are making satisfactory academic progress. Some awards are based on academic merit only, and all are based on departmental recommendations.

How Much do I Have to Pay Back?

No repayment is required.

How do I Apply?

There are no special application forms for restricted and endowed scholarships. Each department determines its own application process. Recipients are selected by the dean or department chair based on criteria established by donors. These awards are made for one year only and are based on the availability of funds in any given year.

Pratt Assistantships/Fellowships

What is the Purpose of the Program?

To provide funds and professional experience to help meet a student’s costs from institutional sources.

How Much are the Awards?

The assistantship awards range from approximately $500 to $7,200 for the academic year. They are paid directly to the student and are not deductible from the tuition bill. Fellowships are credited to the tuition bill.

Who Can Receive This Money?

Graduate students with demonstrated proficiency in their area of study.

How Much Do I Have to Repay?

No monetary repayment is required; students must complete assigned tasks.

How Do I Apply?

Through your department chair.

Rights and Responsibilities of Recipients

For assistantships or fellowships to be awarded in successive years, the student must make satisfactory progress toward a degree and show financial need. Students must not owe any refunds on Federal Pell Grants or any other awards paid, and not be in default of any student loan.

Other Pratt Programs

Pratt Student Employment Program

Student employment is funded entirely by Pratt Institute and offers an opportunity for qualified students to work part-time on campus. Applicants for student employ­ment must complete and submit all required financial aid documents in order to qualify. These funds are paid directly to students for campus job assignments and are not deductible from the Student Financial Services’ bill.

Students are responsible for submitting signed timesheets electronically to the Office of Student Employment. Employment forms such as the W4, I-9, and Employment Authorization form must be completed prior to working or getting paid.