Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Education (ED)

ED-603  Contemporary Issues in Museum Education  - (1 Credit)  

This course reflects the dynamic nature of teaching and learning and the changing relationships between cultural institutions, artists and communities, and the role of the education within museums and cultural spaces. Against the background of contemporary issues in museum education, and through the Department of Art and Design Education Guest Lecture Series, site visits, and related readings, students will reflect on the impact of contemporary issues on museum and cultural spaces, and identify and discuss ideas and approaches. Students will be encouraged to consider themselves participants in framing new directions for the field and partners in addressing the issues.

ED-608  New York City's Youth: A Historical Perspective  - (3 Credits)  

New York City's neighborhoods and institutions serve as a lens through which to examine how educators, social activists, artists, and policy makers frame, debate and negotiate racial,economic and social inequalities among the city's youth. The course challenges the deficit model approach to addressing inequality and in doing so questions assumptions about the purposes of education within the context of an ongoing struggle for democratic rights and opportunities. Through an institutional study of a school and its neighborhood, students explore youth, family, and community assets, leadership and agency. Students analyze and synthesize evidence, take into account different viewpoints and perspectives, and apply their findings to professional practice. Students engage in 30 hours of fieldwork at various NYC schools to connect readings and discussion to the policies and institutional systems that impact the day-to-day life of schools.

ED-660A  Thesis I  - (3 Credits)  

The thesis project is developed from questions raised by one or more of the following: observations, fieldwork, reading, studio practice, personal interest, and related art education coursework. The research is grounded in practice and allows students a critical examination of their pedagogy and teaching practice through an investigation guided by information retrieval strategies and the APA Publication Manual. While the project may include substantial amounts of visual or nonverbal materials, if appropriate, a paper with documentation is required. The first course will include school observations, group work, and individual conferences.

ED-660B  Thesis II  - (3 Credits)  

The second course is devoted to the development of a written analysis of the data obtained in Thesis I.

ED-700  Thesis In Progress  - (0 Credits)  

If the thesis is not completed in two semesters, students can continue working in ED-700 for no more than five semesters (not including summers).