Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Communications Design - Undergraduate (COMD)

COMD-511  Sequential Art and the Graphic Novel  - (2 Credits)  

This course emphasizes visual storytelling in all its complexities - from the psychological reasoning behind the arrangement of panels to mold time to the pacing, camera angles, balloon placement, composition dynamics, and lettering that make a story come alive. In addition to the traditional forms of print-based sequential illustration, this course also provides an excellent foundation for the creative process in video animation and computer interactive multi-media productions.

COMD-520  Web Design  - (3 Credits)  

This course teaches the concepts and structure of World Wide Web-based communications employing interactive digital media. A variety of digital tools and procedures will be employed, including HTML scripting, text editing, graphics processing, Internet access, Web browsing, file transmission, and Web page design.

COMD-525  Web Design II-Development  - (2 Credits)  

This course extends the application of website design principles learned in Web Design, COMD 520, through the process of coding websites into fully functioning entities. The class will entail an exhaustive study of HTML, CSS and introduce PHP scripting. Project include designing and handcoding websites using simple text editors. The course will also touch on alternative development tools such as Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, Flash, and Perl. This class is highly recommended for those with a serious interest in web programming.