Academic Catalog 2022-2023


Frances Bronet

Donna Heiland

Allison Druin
Associate Provost for Research and Strategic Partnerships

Rick Longo
Vice President for Enrollment Management

Daphne Halpern
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Joseph M. Hemway
Vice President for Information Technology and CIO

James J. Kempster
Vice President for Communications and Marketing

Cathleen Kenny
Vice President for Finance and Administration

Delmy M. Lendof
Vice President for Student Affairs

Nsombi B. Ricketts
Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Quilian Riano
 Interim Dean, School of Architecture

Jorge Oliver
Dean, School of Art

Anita Cooney
Dean, School of Design

Anthony Cocciolo
Dean, School of Information

Helio Takai
Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Maira Rey Seara
Dean, School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Russell Abell
Director of Libraries

Nicholas Battis
Director of Exhibitions

Judith Faith Williams Cadet
Title IX Coordinator 

Natalie Capannelli
Director of Graduate Admissions

Debbie M. Scott
Director of Health Services

Caroline Kasnakian
Director of Counseling

Amanda Diaz
Director of HEOP

Randy Donowitz
Director of the Writing and Tutorial Center

Michael Farnham
Director of Academic Advisement

Adam Friedman
Director of Pratt Center for Community Development

Christopher Gavlick, CLARB
Executive Director, Chief Facilities Officer

Anthony Gelber
Director of Administrative Sustainability

Nedzad Goga
Executive Director of Financial Services

Thomas Greene
Director of Legal Affairs

Katherine Hale
Director of Residential Life and Housing

Emma Legge
Director of Student Involvement and Parent and Family Programs

Ellery Matthews
Director of Academic Computing

Thomas Nawabi

Luke Phillips

Steven Riccobono
Director of Human Resources

Walter Rickard
Director of Athletics and Recreation

Joseph Della Monica
Director of Public Safety

Joseph Santa Ana
Campus Safety and Preparedness/COVID Coordinator/Associate Director of Campus Safety

Kimberlae Saul
Director of Facilities Planning and Design

Rhonda Schaller
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Nada Gordon
Director of Intensive English

Elisabeth Sullivan
Director of the Learning Access Center

Mackenzie Adriance
Assistant Director of Career Counseling and Experiential Learning 

Jessica Tallman
Executive Director of Development

Kristin Oberheide
Director of International Affairs

Martha Cedarholm
Student Advocate and Care Coordinator