Academic Catalog 2020-2021

Academic Degrees Overview

School of Architecture

Programs Degree Code
Architecture MArch 0202
Architecture MS 0202
Architecture and Urban Design (post-professional) MS 0205
City and Regional Planning MS 0206
Facilities Management MS 0201
Historic Preservation MS 0299
Real Estate Practice MS 0511
Sustainable Environmental Systems MS 0206
Urban Placemaking and Management MS 0206

School of Art

Programs Degree Code
Art and Design Education (initial certification) MA 0831
Art and Design Education ADV CRT 0831
Arts and Cultural Management MPS 0599
Art Therapy and Creativity Development MPS 1099
Art Therapy and Creativity Development (spring/summer) MPS 1099
Dance/Movement Therapy MS 1099
Dance/Movement Therapy (spring/summer) MS 1099
Design Management MPS 0599
Digital Arts MFA 1009
Fine Arts MFA 1001
Photography MFA 1011

School of Design

Programs Degree Code
Communications Design MFA 1009
Industrial Design MID 1009
Interior Design MFA 0201
Package Design MS 1009

School of Information

Programs Degree Code
Data Analytics and Visualization MS 0703
Information Experience Design MS 0702
Library and Information Science MS 1601
Museums and Digital Culture MS 0702
Archives ADV CRT 1699
Conservation and Digital Curation ADV CRT 0702
Digital Humanities ADV CRT 1699
Museum Libraries ADV CRT 1699
User Experience ADV CRT 0702

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Programs Degree Code
History of Art and Design MA 1003
Media Studies MA 0601
Museum Studies ADV CRT 1003
Performance and Performance Studies MFA 1007
Writing MFA 1599

Combined Degree Programs

Programs Degree Code
Library and Information Science/Digital Arts MS/MFA 1601/1009
History of Art and Design/Fine Arts MA/MFA 1009/1001
History of Art and Design/Information and Library Science MA/MS 1009/1601
Planning and Law MS/JD 0206/1401